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While you're "helping" you buddy do a lift --- take his MAF sensor and plug it into your car. Go find that huge hill and send it. On your way over to his house -- unplug the MAF, go find that hill and send it!

Remember -- the engine bay gets hot and that can exacerbate wire resistance -- sometimes everything specs out fine -- althought I suppose a live reading of the MAF would give that away.

Is your airbox cracked? How is your air filter? What about the flex hose from the airbox to the intake? Are you sure there aren't any holes? It could be that the MAF is/was getting caked in dirty stuff and now it is beyond repair.

How do your fuel trims look? Have an exhust backpressure reading? I don't think it could cause your MAF code -- but maybe a bad injector or plugged exhaust could be messing up the intake side on WOT pulls -- seems that would be more "repeatable".

Also -- I'd go with Leeann on this -- but after tracking down a misfire code myself -- I thought my van was missing a PCV valve... I've spoken with a few differen parts guys and it doesn't appear the Gen-III Astro has a PCV valve. :shrug:

It sure does fit in that receptacle on the valve cover -- but apparently there isn't supposed to be a PCV valve in there! I didn't have one in when I first looked and then I put one in... then I took it out again once I discovered it isn't really supposed to be there (I think).

I think this is detailed in my build thread somewhere -- but most of that thread is me being neurotic. I've learned to shut up and drive since then :)
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