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theres Alot of them out there , you have to look and find one that you like and that has all the options that you want.

i like Auto Page , except for on there LCD remote it has a picture of a sports car
since i have a van i didnt want that

heres my choice Viper 5900 sst $209 free shipping mayby you can find it cheaper
the picture on the remote kinda looks like your looking down on a astro van that has a rear sunroof

i would wait and see what other people post as there preference then go look at them all and choose one .

copy and paste then cast your vote
whats the best remote start alarm ?

clifford ------------------
Viper 5900sst------------ 1 vote
add your favorite-------


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Hi Safari2000
A family member has this installed and swears by it: CompuStar 2W800F MR (3000)..The people he bought the unit from all had it installed on their vehicles and the installer that did the work for him also had it on his...This was recommended by a friend of his.

He doesn't have remote start, whether it's available in this model or not, I can't really say, you can check the CompuStar site though to find out. I'm not up on alarm systems, but I know he hasn't had any problems with his and does what it's suppose to do, and that's been about 2 years now.

It's very popular up here with a good remote range (2500+ feet).

Hope this helps. :)

PS: Which ever one you decide on, it's only as good as the install...This is very important to get a good installer to do this properly to be compatible with the other electronics the vehicle has, very important.

PPS: Also, most manufacturing warranties will only be valid with the installation of the unit from a "Trained Technician" only. Just a heads up on that :)

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I have a My Valet system installed on my 1989 240sx - was installed on it when I bought it. It has never been any trouble whatsoever and I've had the car for 7 years now. It's not one of the more sophisticated systems, but the keyless entry and remote start work perfectly every time.

I did have to replace the remote because it was worn out; I got it at [url[/url]. Not only did they have good prices on all kinds of systems, they were very helpful over email. I think they can recommend an installer, but I'm not sure.
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