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Replacing the gasket between the cat and muffler.

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I need to replace the gasket at the flange between the cat and the muffler. I would think a pretty easy job. Obviously not. The bots are studs. The bottom two snapped. So I now have get the back end of the studs out which is a pain as it is. But the upper part seems to be a stud in a welded threaded thing. I am beyond confused. Because how could you thread a stud in with a round back. I tried cutting that area off the flange and smoked 2 sawsall blade. I have no idea what to do here. Any ideas?
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how could you thread a stud in with a round back.
Look up Knurled stud or bolt.
I had once cut a bolt as flush to the flange as I could, and drilled the rest. It took a few passes, one being a pilot, the next a step up and finally the hole size. Often times spraying or dripping oil (if you have one of those types of oil cans) on before and while you cut or drill will save your blades and bits.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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