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Road trip! FL => CA... Again.

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Posting from a stop along hwy 55, headed north from Memphis.

Started out in St. Petersburg Florida... Van was waiting for me after another boat delivery.

The new motor just begs to be run, so I packed up and headed out... 480miles to pensacola yesterday...

Today I drove from Pensacola through Alabama, up through Mississippi, into Tennessee,
Into Arkansas.....I a few hours (if i can get some sleep) I will continue north to St. Louis and see about turning left,,,, we will see.

Some might recall my similar trip I took last year. That one ended up at about 7,200 miles.

Supertramp had a song I really like... :)

Pictures to follow.
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I'm not much on gatherings of people.

Looks like a bunch of people sitting in the dirt.


Let me know when you're coming through Phoenix. I'll throw an egg on the sidewalk for you.

I don't even know where edgewood is at. Can't find it on a map. ???

Should I stop there on my way to my Pacific Northwest bugout cache?

Sailing_Faith said:

You can't find it because it is in NM. I was so road weary I forgot what state I was in.
Great. Then you should be in "Tucumcari Tonight".

Sailing_Faith said:
This one was great until the car pulled in next to me blasting rap music... :screaming:
Just tell them to turn it up. More! More! MORE! Before long his windshield will shatter and his electrical system will fail. Annoyance solved.

Texas to Florida in one day. Must be doing something right.

Long lost family stuff resolved - Groovy.

How's your van, SF? Did that stuff get resolved as well?

Hey Sail -

Did you get to visit Leeann's famous "Astro Ranch" while you're up there?

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