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Road trip! FL => CA... Again.

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Posting from a stop along hwy 55, headed north from Memphis.

Started out in St. Petersburg Florida... Van was waiting for me after another boat delivery.

The new motor just begs to be run, so I packed up and headed out... 480miles to pensacola yesterday...

Today I drove from Pensacola through Alabama, up through Mississippi, into Tennessee,
Into Arkansas.....I a few hours (if i can get some sleep) I will continue north to St. Louis and see about turning left,,,, we will see.

Some might recall my similar trip I took last year. That one ended up at about 7,200 miles.

Supertramp had a song I really like... :)

Pictures to follow.
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Sailing_Faith said:
Last post in my across the country thread for sitrep. The town is Edgewood AZ
Well if you just feel like you need kicked while your down...........................
Post in my national lampoon vacation thread. It will fit right in there.
Sailing_Faith said:
(Would a moderator be so kind as to merge this thread into this one.)

Sailing_Faith said:
Thank you great and powerful Wizzard!

Do you have a magic button on your moderator control panel you could press to fix this electrical problem?

Or better yet, just move my van and I to FL? :driving:[/quote]
LOL afraid not. You see me struggling with my van all the time fixing things. I wish it was that simple.
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