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Roof rack with high top??

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Hey folks, my local junkyard has one of those fiberglass high top roofs on an Astro and I'm tempted to pick it up and use it on my camper van build (2000 Astro cargo). I would like to have a roof rack though, which would not be possible the way most roof racks are attached... on top of the roof itself. My question is, has anyone added a roof rack over a high top, via some sort of side mount? That is the roof rack is attached to the van along the vertical reinforcements alone the sides of the van instead of the roof?
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Lots of people do it - for example, colorado camper vans is just one business that comes to mind that adds fiberglass tops with roof racks.

I did it too - fiberglass is pretty strong - unless you plan to put hundreds of pounds up there - which wouldn't be a good idea anyways since you shouldn't overweight the top end of a vehicle
markmitch said:
When I had my hightop I checked with multiple companies as well as sites and I was told DO NOT DO IT!, the fiberglass top is rated at at best 10 lbs before it will crack. I say do not try it.
I dunno mark, maybe if you put all the force on a dime, but no way my roof is cracking with only 10 pounds. I was up on top of it and it didn't crack, so it's good with at least 200.

SeekingAstro said:
I wasn't planning to mount anything to the top. I was saying, to mount a roof rack to the body, on the sides of the van, below the top, which would extend up above the top itself.
I'd just mount it on top. Well, actually, I did. Our vans don't have drip rails like full size vans for example, so it isn't as easy to put a raised rack on - which I've seen people do on e-series vans plenty.
If you're planning on hauling huge loads of cement up there... then that changes things I'd say.

Also everything deafman said is high quality advice.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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