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Roof rack with high top??

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Hey folks, my local junkyard has one of those fiberglass high top roofs on an Astro and I'm tempted to pick it up and use it on my camper van build (2000 Astro cargo). I would like to have a roof rack though, which would not be possible the way most roof racks are attached... on top of the roof itself. My question is, has anyone added a roof rack over a high top, via some sort of side mount? That is the roof rack is attached to the van along the vertical reinforcements alone the sides of the van instead of the roof?
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A lot of good advice in here, I just had the junkyard cut the whole roof off the van at the pillars so I could work on seperating it at my shop on a bench top. Some of those hard to reach screws are much easier to access with the top upside down on a work table instead of looking up inside a van. My top didn't have butyl tape but a adhesive/sealant running the whole perimeter which was a real pain. A long blade that bends on an occilating tool made a word of difference over the other methods I tried.

I will be building a roof rack for it this week, the top I got has 4 wood stringers, glassed into the top for screwing the original interior ceiling into and should be more than strong enough to handle what I plan on loading onto the rack.

Also if you do remove it at the yard make sure to grab the metal/wood spacers the original conversion company used for spacing the interior corner framing and the van roof sheet metal.

PS when you think you have all the screws out, there's likely 2 more.
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