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so im not sure in particular if this issue has arisen due to the leaky pump I've been riding on for almost a year, the leak seemed to have stopped and there is no loss of fluid

i have bought all new power steering components
-pump w/new pulley and all new hoses

more recently in the last month or sooo,
the van has been making this "rubber on glass" rubbing noise, specifically when I'm turning slowly out of parking space or corner, it seems to stop during normal steering, but it occurs enough to make me question what it is,

i possibly thought air in the system in which i worked the wheels to release, but doesn't seem tobe it

im kind of hesitant to ask a mechanic and they immediately tell me some BS......oh yeh looks like you need a new steering rack or some shi just so they beat me up with a large fix

once this last pressure hose comes in, i plan to overhaul all the power steering components and ideally see if that fixes anything, even tho the rubbing noise seems to be high up in the steering column by the actual wheel and dash cluster.

my research have steered towards bearings, steering rack, and issues that come with a prolonged leak and failing pump

kinda lost on this one,
thanks you guys

*Ill try to upload a video of the actual steering noise
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