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Location - Let other members know where you're at! Posts in the for sale and wanted sections MUST have a location, whether it's a city and state or a Zip/postal code.
**Please remember if you have your location listed in your profile/signature that it doesn't always show up depending on the view/settings(think mobile).**

Price - We can't guess prices, so anything listed for sale must have a price. Price plus best offer will do, but let members know what you want for it.

No duplicate threads - If the same user posts a for sale or wanted thread for the same things repeatedly they'll be deleted except for the original one.

Sold, no longer needed, wanted, available, etc... - Edit the post to let others know that the part/vehicle is no longer needed, wanted, for sale, available, etc. This'll help keep ancient threads from popping up. Also update the thread as things sell or you no longer need the item.

Pictures - I know not everyone has a camera or access to one, but pics would be Nice. See here on how to add pictures:

Craigslist, eBay, external links - Links to parts, accessories and vans are fine, but once they're expired edit the topic accordingly. Be sure to put the site name in the title and once the link has expired (usually 30 days) change the title of the thread or PM me and I'll put EXPIRED in the title and lock the topic.

Editing threads -

Thread Hijacking - If you need or want something, post a new topic. Same goes with things for sale. The only exception to posting wants is if a user is parting a vehicle out or offering parts, otherwise post a topic accordingly.

Thanks! :chevy:
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