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runs ruff

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Can any one help me ? 86 4.3 astro van, Idels ruff pops and spuders when you floor it it clears up. Ive done cap rotor plug wires, I even replaced the intake gasket thanks
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That sounds like the EGR valve. These engines are famous for clogged EGR valves and the passage inside the intake manifold. If you live where emissions aren't a big deal, you can install a blockoff plate from a V8 but be warned the service engine soon light will come on from time to time. Otherwise, you'll need a new valve (I would recommend a direct fit not a universal) and you will need to clean the EGR passage ways. While you are there, change the vacuum lines and the TBI gasket between the intake and throttle body. Those are cheap and solve a lot of idle issues.
Thanks for the info I think IM headed in the right direction now.uglytruck64
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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