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S10 5 speeds, which is better?

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Hi There.

I have a couple questions if anyone might have info to offer...

I want to build a basically stock astro with part time 4x4, 5 speed, on a budget.
I am looking to the S10 trucks to be the parts source for my Part time 4x4 Astro project.

I can get a used trans pretty cheap. S10 had 2 brands of transmissions in their 4x4s.
--------------------- Borg-Warner T5, and the NV Getrag trans. ---------------------------

My Questions:
Which is the best candidate for an AstroSafari conversion , and why?
Did these transmissions both use the same T-case? What Tcase is the best, and why?
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doyoulikeithere said:
that confusion is hard to clear up because it has a high element of variables and misunderstanding.

There are many many non astro configurations of the T5.
None of them would come up "under" the pax seat. the trans isnt quite that far offset to the pax side.
Without the offsetting shifter device, the shifter would be about 14" closer to the pax side, but not under the seat.
Camaro and mustang T5 shifters will be way too far back on the tailhousing. S10 shifters are about an inch or 2 more forward than astro.
Its all visible in the pDF i attached above. I dont mind cutting a new floor hole for my shifter, and the transfer case lever will come thru the original shifter hole.
I will custom bend a shifter lever to make it comfortable to use.
BTW a Camaro WC T5 has all the right dimensions (main shaft length) that a simple swap with an astro tailshaft housing will produce a WC T5 configured to fit the stock astro 5 speed position.
Keep that in mind for 5 speed astro V8 projects. That will be my next project when this 4x4 is done, my Safari GT will be a great candiate.

PS I now have an "Extra" (and rare) Astro T5 Tail Shaft Housing and offsetting shifter device, just sitting in a box collecting dust.
How tough is the clutch pedal assy going to be? Thanks, Jim
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