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S10 Springs Installed, looks dumb as hell.

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S10 springs installed
This looks stupid AF.

Kind of pissed at the hive mind, not going to lie. I was told S10 springs + stock shackles would be a MILD lift from stock.

This is a Journey's 2" puck in front with cranked torsion bars (2+1, 3" higher than stock), and new S10 springs with STOCK shackles; the journeys extended shackles were even more nuts.

I know it will settle a tiny bit but what else can I do, this looks awful.
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Also, would S10 springs mess up your alignment? I pull really hard to the right under braking now, and did not before. I don't understand how replacing both leaf springs would change this....
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I wanted to lift my van, bought journeys front and rear shackles, originally did 2" spacers in the front, then did the HD rear leaf springs from SD spring, also added an extra leaf taking them up to 2200 lbs, I believe, since I carry lots of weight, five leafs in the pack, had the rake at first, ended up pulling the 2" spacers and going with the 3", I'll l try to post a picture here. Debated on the s10 spring originally but Mike from Journeys talked me out of it, said it would be too high... I have 235 75 15 tires and mine is a rear wheel drive. They do settle a bit... I measured before and after, 34 1/2", but 3" on the front and on the back I'd guess... I like flat too... I feel your pain, thank you Mike for talking me out of the s10 springs. Personally I like the height, can you go to 3" front subframe spacers? Assuming 2" pucks mentioned are these just shorter? Hope it works out! Astroratsun
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Today August 25, 2022 the rear measures 34"... height is still good, also is adjustable with journeys rear shackles!
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