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S10 Springs Installed, looks dumb as hell.

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S10 springs installed
This looks stupid AF.

Kind of pissed at the hive mind, not going to lie. I was told S10 springs + stock shackles would be a MILD lift from stock.

This is a Journey's 2" puck in front with cranked torsion bars (2+1, 3" higher than stock), and new S10 springs with STOCK shackles; the journeys extended shackles were even more nuts.

I know it will settle a tiny bit but what else can I do, this looks awful.
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Also, would S10 springs mess up your alignment? I pull really hard to the right under braking now, and did not before. I don't understand how replacing both leaf springs would change this....
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I don't know who told you that S10 springs would give you a mild lift. The pinned thread on this message board states that S10 springs will give you between 3" to 3-1/2" of lift and everyone else seems to be seeing 4". That is not mild, and that is why I've shied away from S10 springs altogether.
I have a 3" lift in front, and the S10 springs are giving me almost SEVEN GOD DAMN INCHES of gap in back. Whoever says S10 springs gives you 3-4" of lift needs to be beaten with a pushbroom from a place that does brazilians.

Maybe just do the shackles with stock van springs instead, as mentioned in the 2" mild lift thread. How to do a 2" (Budget) AWD Lift...
That's what I had before... it looked fine but towing heavier loads would rub whenever I hit a bump, hence why I decided to upgrade.
I ordered drop shackles (lowering) for a chevy truck, hoping I can just drop the rear and crank up my torsion bars a bit more.
Yeah S10 leafs will give you at least 4" of lift.
More like 6-7 inches.
I used 22-687 NON HD, and no lift shackles.
Having a rake does affect caster/ camber, this is why you'll get differences in handling and drive-ability.
If you want to correct a load carrying issue you want HD springs to carry load 24/7 or airbags for temporary support.
I have no knowledge of the S-10 springs but IMO if those are standard duty I would expect them to settle a little and sag when you load them up leaving you with the same issue you were looking to correct.
My old springs were literally flat when the van was sitting there, unloaded. I have a hard time believing it will sag as much when I'm loaded up with a heavy trailer as it was before; I don't see how that's possible.
My S10 springs have given my 2000 AWD about 3" extra lift (sitting on 5" blocks)

Bear in mind (for those who don't know)... S10 spring are NOT HD springs.
They have more arch (will give you more lift).. but they are weaker than HD springs.
The result is you sit higher, but sag more under load.
You also get a smoother ride unloaded.

The HD spring has a specific application/function.. less lift, but stiffer and less sag under load.
Yes, but to clarify, both are stiffer than stock Astro springs. My stock astro springs worked okay, just rubbed my rear tires a little when I hit bumps while towing the BackAstro trailer.
Is it possible the leafsprings were installed backwards (see note below about long side/28" forward)?
How to do a 2+1 (3") AWD Lift...
No, long side is facing forward. Triple checked. Also I can see the part numbers on my springs, and my invoice. These are the 22-687s from sdtruckspring.
Pardon the duplication above....I just watched your YouTube video and after lifting your front torsion bars more, it looks much more level. I think I see the issue with the discrepancy in lift height though....S10 springs will and did give you 3-4" of lift, and that's what you got. You stated that you have 7" of lift, showing the distance between the top of the rear tire and the fender at 7". To accurately measure lift, you need to have the van on a level surface and measure from the ground to the fender both before and after the lift. That distance should increase by 3 1/2" after the lift, which looks like what you got. Yes, you have a 7" gap from wheel to fender, which is 3 1/2" more than you started with. And that's what was advertised on this site. Sorry you are unhappy, but just want to clarify for anyone reading this thread.
Once you go to S10 springs there is no easy way to lower the rear end. Stock springs and adjustable shackles or air shocks are a better solution for a mild or adjustable lift.

Once again, I think your van looks awesome in the YouTube video....maybe it will grow on you!

Link to YouTube video referenced above....

I'm annoyed, not at you, but just in general, because people are not listening. I don't know how I could be more clear, my van was ALREADY lifted 3" all around. I did the journey's 2+1 kit, so I have 2" pucks in front, and I "HAD" the extended shackles and stock leafs in back. I messed around with the extended shackles in back and the back end was ALREADY 3" above stock, the front was maybe 2.5-2.75" above stock. My van APPEARS lower because of the fender flares, they hand down past the edge of the fenders.

So let's recap: My van was already lifted 3" in back. I removed the stock springs/journeys shackles, and ordered the S10 springs, which "supposedly" provide 3-4" of lift. Given that my front was at around 3" in front already...that would mean at MOST, my rear would be 1" higher than the front. That is what I was expecting. But that is not what happened.

I showed the 7" ruler because that's the gap I have, WITH LARGER TIRES THAN STOCK. I'm rolling on 29s. Stocks are 27ish, so 2" larger diameter. With stock tires I would have 7-8" of gap in back.... that's... not 3-4" of lift!

I'm going to load the van up this week and see how it sits, if it isn't working for me I think I'm going to pull the springs and go back to what I had. Again, final time, if you have a journeys 2+1 lift (3"), s10 springs are WAY too tall, far higher than 3-4". If it was actually 3-4" it would be about perfect with the journey's 2+1 kit.
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I thought this was common knowledge/advice, 3.5" to 4".

Still wondering where people were saying that S10 springs were for a 'mild' lift, they have some serious arch to them.
Yup. And that common knowledge is wrong. 3.5-4" lift with a 3" lift in front should look pretty decent. That's not what happened.
You got it, hence why I'm ticked off & why I think the "s10 provides 3-4" of lift" is BS! Stock shackles, only change in the rear are the springs themselves, and it is WAY HIGHER than only 3-4"! If it was a 3-4" lift it should have been above even with the front.

As for the springs being wrong, I don't see it. I've measured everything but the arc, I am not sure how i would measure that now that they're installed, but you can see in my video before installing them, when they're on the ground, that the arc looks approximately 7-8", which means they're the correct springs.
I get what you're saying and I guess I was using the term wrong when I said "7 inches of lift", I guess I mean 7" of wheel gap. What I was expecting was a ride at or just above what I had before with the stock springs/shackles. Maybe 5-6" would have been more appropriate. I mean look at the gap I had in back with the stock springs/extended shackles:

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The S10 springs 'supposedly' should have been close to that height. They're not at all. Maybe the issue is my stock springs were extremely saggy/flat.... so the resulting 3-4" lift compared to GOOD CONDITION stock springs is so much higher?
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I'm still driving on them, hoping they settle. So far in 10k miles it hasn't really settled at all.
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