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S10 springs installed
This looks stupid AF.

Kind of pissed at the hive mind, not going to lie. I was told S10 springs + stock shackles would be a MILD lift from stock.

This is a Journey's 2" puck in front with cranked torsion bars (2+1, 3" higher than stock), and new S10 springs with STOCK shackles; the journeys extended shackles were even more nuts.

I know it will settle a tiny bit but what else can I do, this looks awful.
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Also, would S10 springs mess up your alignment? I pull really hard to the right under braking now, and did not before. I don't understand how replacing both leaf springs would change this....
Where are you at? I'll be happy to buy those S-10 springs from you.

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I'm still driving on them, hoping they settle. So far in 10k miles it hasn't really settled at all.

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You now have 1970 HOT WHEEL classic model van.
Just missing red lines on the tires and some flame paint on the wheel fender openings.
Might need to get a larger diameter rim and tire for the back.:cool:
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