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safari dead need help please

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i have a 97 gmc safari work van a few days ago i park my work van came back and it dint start untill a few min after the was a buzzin noice come from under the sterin wheel it a little box when i parked it back at my house it turned it off and on 2 make sure that it still work well the next day i go trie 2 turn it on i have no power in the van at all i mean no light i layed with ever thin like head light brack light the only thing that turned on was the radio but i huck it up 2 the battey and it was flashin and not workin.and now the van has buzzin from the same place befor i can turn it off by turnin on the light but nothin works i tied 2 scan it and i got notthin i have work on many vw and i have a feelin that it can be a open relay somin algone those line

i need ur help u guy got 2 help me if any one has a proble like i do u goota help me out i use this my work van i need 2 get back 2 work
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i un pluged the battery for few days then cleaned the wirein from the battery 2 the fuse box and the ground and the van turn one but after a hour the proble came back and it dead the battery is full charged
the battery is new hold a charged i cant get the motor 2 turn over when i say it dead nothing work at all no light come on but i cheack all my wirin and still good i did the big three swap AND 200 AMP attenader when i was doin my old audio i used 2 have 3000 rms no problems is was in it befro i turn it back in 2 my work van so thw wirin is right :ty: :ty: :ty: :ty: :ty: :ty: :ty: :ty: :ty: 4 look
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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