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Let's hear it for Sarah Palin! Great choice for VP. What makes her worthwhile? Jesus, guns and babies! My kind of woman!
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I ADORE Sarah Palin!! :bow: :bow: :bow:
The more we learn about Sarah Palin the more we adore her.
Our entire family is awestruck. My daughter said she's everything that feminists should be, but AIN'T! Haha! :clap:
We are all so pleased as punch with this pretty little gal from Alaska. For a relatively short time in politics she has quite a list of accomplishments. She's a whistle blower & a reformer. This little gal gets things done!

AND she's got MORE experience than what's at the TOP of the Dems ticket!! How can you beat THAT?? :bouncy:

But wait... Not only does she talk the talk, she walks the walk....She's a pro-lifer, with 5 kids! (Her youngest has Down Syndrome) :romance-grouphug:
And if all that stuff weren't enough, she's a man's woman who hunts & fishes!! All without losing an ounce of femininity. She's almost too good to be true. ...We honestly LOVE everything about her! :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating:

I say let the nay-sayers talk. McCain made an excellent choice. Some REAL ACTION for a REAL CHANGE here. Yay!
Go Sarah GO!! :happy-cheerleaderkid:
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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