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As someone who uses the site's search box more than most, it has seemed worse since the change.
Like it tries too hard using most recent instead of best match.
It'll show tons of matches using only 1 word instead of prioritizing matches of 2 or more.
I can prolly put more stipulations in the search, just saying it does seem worse.

AND the suggested threads under a post seem further off base than before.
Those had closer matches to questions being asked in the past, it seemed.
Could just be related to us being more accepting to new user's common questions than before making more results.
We can't keep telling folks to ''READ'' before asking without becoming obsolete.
But the more threads there are with the same key words, the harder searching becomes.

I'm no techie.
Anybody got any of them there required fields asking 'What year's your van?' to new members?
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