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Security Light On Constantly 2004 Astro

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I have read through all the posts on here about the Security Light and tried almost everything. The van does have an alarm system with remote starter, but there was no problem for a long time until there was. We originally had the typical Security problem where the van won't start and the relearn trick worked. I replaced the ignition cylinder and the ignition housing and the problem went away.

Then it came back. The security light is now on constantly, but the van starts. The gauges go nuts and it makes the beeping noise from the dash (as if you left your keys in the car). The only way to make it stop and for the gauges to work normally is to press the lock button on either door. We now leave a small piece of paper wedged in the lock button to keep the gauges working and stop the beeping noise.

I tried replacing the ignition cylinder again. Then replaced the ignition housing. Also tried messing around with different resistors. None of these work. Unless anyone has another idea, I am thinking about finding a place to remove the Security feature from the PCM. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on what to try next? Should I go with reprogramming the PCM? Thanks!
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