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Service AWD….. stumped

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Have a ‘01 AWD new front speed sensors, vss, encoder motor. Fresh fluid change following procedure. Van start up normal, no clicks. I’ll drive for 30-40 yards and then the Service AWD light pops on. Don’t have access to a tccm code reader but no ABS or DTC codes are showing.
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I fixed my AWD by replacing the transfer case with a manual 233C unit.
ALL problems solved. No more issues.. works every time.

Sorry.. no help

As mentioned, the AWD system does NOT work with ABS wheels sensors.
It does work with two speed sensors (on transfer case) which monitor front vs rear drive-shaft speeds.
These are not typically a common failure point.

Normally I would suspect the encoder motor... or connection.
I've also heard they can be put in wrong.. but I'm not familiar with this.

Good luck
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