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shade-tree trany flush

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There were several posts on the old board RE backyard transmission flush procedures. I read them over several times before trying the method posted here. That post was basically, but not exactly, the correct procedure for our '02 LS. Specifically, the top line from our trans. to radiator is the return line, so when we clamped a hose on the disconnected line fluid blew out the open hole left at the radiator opening :banghead: and, of course, nothing came out into our bucket.

So, FYI, here's an edited version of dj_joker_2002's :handgestures-salute: post that got ours flushed with a new batch of Mobil 1 ATF ($5.84/qt @ WalMart):

Drain old fluid from trans. pan, remove pan & filter (make sure the ring seal comes off with the filter).

Install the new filter & pan, replace drained fluid.

Remove the top trans coolant line from the radiator.

Clamp a clear rubber hose over the quick-connect fitting @ the radiator (3/4" I.D. hose clamped over the fitting just right for me).

Clamp the other end of the clear line to the inside of 5 gal bucket.

Open and set on a close table at least 9 qt. of trans fluid.

Start the engine and start pouring the new fluid in as you watch the old stuff come out. Fluid will pump out fairly quickly. If you get behind on refilling, stop engine & fill to equal amount pumped out. DO NOT allow the transmission to run out of fluid.

After approx 7 - 12 qt. you should see the fluid coming out, turn redder and cleaner.
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