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Should I rebuild differential?

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Anybody on here have experience with the split case differential? I have a 1994 AWD Astro Van. One of my axle 1/2 shafts pulled out, so I removed the shaft today and found blown needle bearings. Obviously a bearing went and a seal needs replacing. If it were a normal diff, I would pull the cover, pull the carrier, clean everything, look at the other bearings, see what I see, put it back together with new bearings and seals and be done. But this is a split case, is pulling that apart easy? Are there hidden tricks, etc? I am willing to pull it and see what happens but I have no idea if it is easy or challenging to get back together correctly. Pics are of what I pulled today. Would you take it apart and clean it to ensure no bearings made it into the ring and pinion area? Or would you clean it as best you could and not break it apart? Thoughts? Thank you!
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Is that an NP 136? They are a dime a dozen at junk yards. Or yes you can rebuild it. Not sure what you mean by split case. Aren’t they all split cases?
He's talking about the front diff, not the transfer case
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