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Sick of the Squealing - I Need a Good Stiff Belt

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New to me 02 Safari (56,000 miles) needs a new serpentine belt. The NAPA belt and GM belt that were on the vehicle (both fairly new and not at the same time of course) both squeal at anything above idle (and sometimes at idle too). I've cleaned, de-greased, and de-glazed all of the pulleys and both belts still squeal (I know I need a different belt).

Autozone carries the Goodyear Gatorback belts except for the one for my vehicle, it's no longer available per them and Goodyears website. It's a 4060957 belt. Can I safely substitute a 4060950 (about 3/8" shorter)? With the amount of squeal I have a slightly smaller belt would add a little more tension since the tensioner would need to swing in a little farther (has plenty of room to swing in). I'm a little worried about the added stress to the bearings of the accessories.

Any belt recommendations for an engine that's very prone to squealing? It is the belt. It's quiet with it off (ran for about 10 seconds).

I like to get turn heads because of how nice the van looks, not because of the noise. :screaming:
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I too would be looking for a bigger problem then just replacing the belt. I have had Gatorback belts in the past and the only thing they seem to help with is not squeling during hard acceleration or high RPMs.
Is the tensioner holding steady while your motor is running with the belt on?

Let us know how the Gatorback works for you.
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