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Slow 1-2 shifts when cold

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My 2000 AWD has a slow 1-2 shift in the morning when it's cold. It only seems to happen when my fan clutch is also cold and the fan is pulling hard (or so it sounds). When it does finally shift, it's a bit firm. The van has high miles (200K +)
and it appears someone has been into the tranny at least once already. The fluid is nice and red, not burnt.
I'm going to install a heavier radiator and/or tranny cooler here in a few weeks and am going to change the fluid/filter at the same time to see if that helps.
Anyone ever use RedLine Synthetic ATF?
What are the odds I'm just wasting my time and I need to start saving for a new tranny? :cry:

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The alcohol definitely makes a difference in the way these things run.Stations here around Houston advertise 10% ethanol, it's closer to 20% usually according to Yamaha and Honda from test results they've had figuring out problems on bikes. Fuel mileage goes down as well. I try to leave the tank a little low if I know I'll be in outlying areas that sell straight gasoline. ( BTW, don't leave that crap in your lawn equipment long without running it, the alcohol eats up the insides of the carb. All my lawn stuff runs on Sunoco 110 lowlead with Blendzall, lol)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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