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1994 GMC Safari XT
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6 months into our marriage, my wife and I pulled the trigger on a 1994 Safari. We've dreamt of the travel life for years but between life and COVID it never materialised. The van needed tons of work and you all have actually helped me greatly with my various issues and concerns.

Now, finally our crazy pipe dream has come to fruition. We left our apartment in the big city, stored all our things, and have finally set off across Canada. We're almost a month in and about 5000km away from home. Ultimately we hope to find a place to settle down that isn't anywhere near our home province of Ontario.

Thanks to everyone who offered aid when various parts blew, or just offered some kind words of encouragement. The Astro/safari community has once again proven that van folk are good folk.

You can follow the adventure on Instagram and Tiktok (yes, I know) @SafariVanPluto if you're interested in seeing the big journey.

Thank you all and keep on keepin on!

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