I was at my local PnP yesterday looking for a trim piece but noticed a few items that members have mentioned over time needing that I'd be happy to pull and ship. I think some of these vans are possibly going to be crushed next week. Items include, but not limited to, an overhead console (only compass/temp), 2 sets of front fender extensions for those pulling running boards, window clips for push-out window (1 set), 2 2WD steering coupler shafts for those doing an AWD lift (I may keep one), and drawer that goes under front passenger seat for those that don't have an Ironcloud Metalworks seat swivel, which I highly recommend! There may be some other items too so ask and I'll look. I only glanced at most of these items as I was looking for something else but they looked in good shape. I have no idea at this point what the yard would charge and I'm not looking to get rich but would tack on a small finders fee for my time and you pay shipping. I'm in Central OR, which is dry, so these parts weren't moldy, etc. and I make no guarantees. I'd be pulling them just like you would if it was your junkyard. My apologies as I was in a hurry so I didn't grab photos. Just PM me and we can go from there. If I can help a member out without a hassle, great. If not, no worries. Just throwing it out there before they're gone to scrap heap.