Selling my amazing all wheel drive GMC Safari. I built this van out a few years ago and unfortunately I will be moving out of the country in a few weeks and need to let it go. It runs perfect and is basically the ultimate stealth weekend mobile. The van is located in Carlsbad, CA and will be ready to part with August 15th. Here is a list of the features:

All Wheel Drive
2 Thule Boxes
Roof Rack
fold down slider bench seat that turns into a 2 person bed, can also be folded up to store tons of gear
custom cushions
full kitchen cabinets and counter
Van will also come with an ACO battery powered fridge/freezer that can be controlled via blootooth, that has its own separate solar panel if you want, or power off the vans solar,
as well as a ACO power battery bank converter, separate from the already extra external battery. so 3 total batteries coming with this car.
fold out table built into counter
sink with grey water and fresh water dispenser
external battery running off solar, or can be charged off alternator
rear outlets and plugs
roof fan/vent
ceiling lights
passenger swivel chair
7inch monitor with option to run backup camera
179k miles

The only issues with it are shown in the photos. There is a small rust spot by the back wheel, the driver side was smooshed in before I got the van 5 years ago. Since its kind of a low key stealth sleeper van I never fixed it. Also the front stabilizer bar is cracked. It doesn't really effect anything besides needing to take turns a tad bit slower. Can be fixed relatively cheap and easy I just dont have the time to do it before I leave. Other then that its an amazing weekend road trip machine.

I'm pretty bummed to let this thing go, I honestly thought I would own it until became an old man, but times are tough and I need some cash for my move and unfortunately can't take it with me. I figure this is the best place ever to sell it as the right Astro Safari Cult enthusiasts would see how unique and awesome this build is. I have yet to see a van like this that has a bench seat that pulls out to a bed, that can also be folded up flat to open up to complete cargo space.

I can send a ton more photos upon request.

price is $7900 obo. send me an email if you have any questions [email protected] or shoot me a text message 314 265 2197

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