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Stuck Hood, Please help...

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Hi. I went to move one of my vans. The battery was dead, so I needed to jump it...

The hood wont open when I pull the release in the cab.
So, I get my son to pull and wiggle the handle while I try to pull and wiggle the hood around, hopeing to pop it open. No luck. I really need to move the van. Can I get at it from the ground under the rad or something? Anyone else figured out this problem yet?

Any sugestions?
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I use to have this problem as well. I got pretty good at hitting the hood just above the grill about 4-5 inches from the center, on the drivers side, with the palm of my hand while someone pulled the release. I also had the interior piece the the release is mounted in off one time and it worked perfectly.

The problem, which I discovered on this board, is that the latch is binding against the side of the either the front or the back of the female side. You should be able to tell which by looking at the marks made from strikes. If you bend it away from where it's binding it will open correctly.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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