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Subframe Bushing

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Hello. Does anybody know if it's the same subframe bushings in front and rear? :think: I know that the one in the middle is a bit bigger than the rest. In RockAuto parts catalog there is only the rear ones that are listed.

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They are different. At least for 1990-2005. Top mount for all three are different, lower rubber is the same. Bottom retainer is same for front and back, but middle has bigger bolt so different retainer.

Driver and Passenger side the same..

Frontmost mount: 15601755
Middle mount: 15595052
Rear mount: 15183802
Bottom cushion (rubber): 15595054
Retainer front/back: 15688319
Retainer middle: 15590772
Front/Back bolt: 15677731
Middle bolt: 11519584

But that dorman thing on Rockauto is not available anymore anyhow so that answers that! hehe I already tried.

I got all of them from

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Ive got of lot of stuff through him, great pricing and great to deal with. Its about 15% over cost I believe. And stuff that is discontinued at the Canadian dealerships is still available in the USA. I just got a replacement cupholder for my 89 Lesabre.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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