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sudden death!!!

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Hello, here is my problem.
My `90 astro all of a sudden wont start. I changed pluggs, wires, rotor and cap. It just won`t fire up once in about 20 times. stone dead.
The starter runs, but it`s like, the ignition isn`t on. Then I leave it for an hour or so, and she fires up perfectly like nothing ever happend. When it runs it runs great. smooth idling, good performance, no stalling. Does anybody have a clue whats wrong, or where to start looking??
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I changed the fuel pump last year. When she goes into "sudden death" mode. I still hear the fuelpump whining for a couple of seconds when I try to start her.
Thanks for your answer anyway!!
Where do I find the ignition module? and how dow I find out It`s bad? Is there anyway to diagnoze it?
The last two times this happend was just when i changed the gear from Park to Reverse, just as i felt it shifted to reverse it died and wouldn`t start again.
This is maybe an coinsidense but anyway.....
And of course this happens more often, with the wife driving it, rather than myself.....Women....
Thank y`all for helping me out here!!!
Thanks Aaron!!

I`ll try to change the little sucker!! I sure hope It`s not an expensive deal... Living in Norway/Scandinavia It`s not always an easy task owning a old chevy.
The parts price are ridicolous up here. But I can`t part with her. She`s given us so much, and when I treated here with a set of 20" chromies, 2 sqare mtr. with new steel underneath and a respray, she actually looks quite nice.
I`ll try Ebay but maybe you or anybody can give me a hint where to look for a shop in the states which carry Delco parts. I`m kind of tired of the cheap locost china parts (no offense) which you have to change over again in short time due to poor quality.
yours sincerly
Thanks again Aaron!!
Great site. I see that there are brands like Moog and Raybestos which are priced over Delco parts. Are theese better deals when it comes to quality?
Thanks again everybody!!!
I`ve ordered a new ignition module and a new distributor pick up.
I`ll keep you posted. Sure hope this solves the problem.....
Got the distributor pickup, ignition module, and a blowerswitch today! 5 days postage from the States, and 104 bucks isn`t bad!! Here in Norway the GM parts dealer asked 3000 Kroner. That`s about 473 bucks for them.......and needed about a week to get them.......
I`ll try to install it in a few days
Well I changed the ignition module, and the ignition pickup, when I was at it. Now it wont even start normally. It will only start when pressing the throttle pedal half way down. Then I have to work with the pedal to make it run. As soon as I release the throttle it dies. Anybody know where to start looking for faults. I marked up the distributor when I took it out. But I`m not sure if I have to adjust the timing, nor how to do it.
Help would been appreciated!!
Thanks rev-les!
I loosened the distributor clamp, and started it. then roughly adjusted it so the engine idles without dying. I`m now in the prosess of adjusting the timing and trying to figure out how to hook up my ignition strobe light. I`m looking for the "-" wire on the coil to hook it up according to the manual. I will adjust the timing, and check the egr-valve. Anybody who can explain where to find it? and how to properly adjust the timing with a strobe light?
Thank`s everybody for the good help!
I changed the ignition module and the pickup. Adjusted the timing, and this summer (in Norway) we drove her for just over 5000 km`s. She didn`t misfire or refused to start one single time!!!.
Keep up the good work!!!
Reidar :ty:
Thanks Matrixx!!

Good to know which brands delivers quality parts. I am about to start the prosess rebuiling my front end again. about five years ago my wife "lost" the lower balljoint when driving. She called me and wondered if I could come help her out to change the flat tire!... she was lucky, doing 30 km\t (14 mph?)
Well,.. after that I rebuildt the front end changing all the balljoints, tie rods and idler arms. But I feel It`s time to do it again, including a belltech lowering kit.
So I`m heading for moog parts!!


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Thanks for the compliment!
I bought the side mirrors on ebay...
Currently laying in a hospital now, but I'll post the ebayseller when I come home and get acess to my home computer.
Cant remember the sellers name now.
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