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SuperCharger kit on ebay

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Anyone ever use one? I remember seeing this on the old forum, but the newer information hasnt been restored yet. ... 18Q2el1247

It looks kind of cheesy and they only offer a 30 day warranty. But it might be worth it? Anyone know?

Does anyone use another supercharger?

Everything I have read so far says that electric superchargers aren't worth the money.
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the eletric supercharger alone wont do the trick you still have to do the basics like a chip good air filter good plugs and some exhaust but ithink its worth builind one of your own if you can
I just dont see how a electric supercharger can cause any positive compression of air (IE Raise Atmospheric Pressure in the intake, meaning more air in the same space).

Your best bet (IMO of course) would be to go with a STS Turbo... Meaning a turbo setup at the exhaust ( You will see what I mean. You wouldn't have to worry about hood clearance and whatnot, as for the computer, it may be possible to go with a MSD setup and modify the injector(s) to get more fuel flow (also the fuel pump). Even then you would have to worry about stock top end parts and the rotating assembly. They just where not designed to have a forced injection setup on her. Don't let me be a hinderance at all, but if your going to do it, it might as well be right.
It is a Crock Of SHtuff!!! there was a guy some years back who started posting on the MR2 pages, trying to push his "E-Ram" POS on us.

Except he didn't realize we're smarter than the average honda boy (sorry guys, old habit) and we called him on his claims.

He refused to have one of his units tested by one of our top techs (Myself or another guy) and just kept spouting his lies, even after we'd proven his claims wrong.

Bottom line, it's junk. take some time to do the engineering and you see it can't work. (we had a math wiz, an electrical wiz and a aerodynamics geek on it)

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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