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If what you are looking to achieve is a gear change from 3.42 to 3.73 it is a simple matter of replacing the gearset. It then makes sense to upgrade to the Torsen while you are at it. A gear change always requires resetting the backlash on the new gears.

I am not a fan of the G80 Gov-Loc LSD. It is a clutch based limited slip which means worn clutch plates and springs. A used Gov-Lov will require rebuilding prior to being installed. Even then they can and do fail.

If you break a Torsen. The vehicle will not be salvageable!
MM said: "If you break a Torsen. The vehicle will not be salvageable!"

From everything I've seen and read, that is pretty much true.
I am hoping my (new to me) Torsen will outlast the vehicle, and that the vehicle will outlast me, or at least my need for it. The cost of the parts and the recent installation was as a bit more than what I initially paid for the entire vehicle ( about 4 years ago) . I got my van very inexpensively and have since put a bunch more $$ into it. I would not consider complaining about what I have spent.
I would still come out ahead if I decided to sell it.
My only wish would have been to know a lot more about the maintenance history for the 15 or so years the original owner drove the vehicle. In 210K miles, there may have been quite a lot done at some point. Some of that history could help me determine just what might need to be done (or what might not need to be done), in the near future; but nearly all of us are in that situation.
Rod J
Issaquah, WA
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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