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TC, front and rear axle fluid change almost 230K km

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By the looks of things it’s possible that this was the first time these fluids were changed.
Rear diff was a pretty dark and a bit smelly but everything looked pretty good inside. Gears had no chips and the magnet had some very fine particles around it like a grey paste bit nothing much. New gasket and cover went on pretty smooth and looks sooo much better. (Not that anyone else but my mechanic and I will notice 😂)
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TC fluid was so dark it was hard to tell if it was blue to start with or not. Either way I filled her up with Auto trak II and maybe change it again in the future.
Front diff fluid came out light grey. I took a picture while draining for reference. Then poured some fresh fluid in before installing drain plug to flush it a bit but I didn’t have much spare. Probably do that one again sooner rather than later I think.
I also successfully changed out a leaking master cylinder and bled all the lines through with fresh fluid. It was a little awkward and I said many bad words but in the end it was definitely worth doing myself.
Transmission service will have to wait until tomorrow. 😉
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Wow glad you got er done.
Well overdue, glad you got it taken care of!
I would think, from the color, that front diff had some water in it at some point.
Glad you made the effort to change it out, and another flush would be advisable in the not too distant future just to be sure you get the majority of that old 'soup' out.
Rod J
Issaquah, WA
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