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This is my new project. The Disastro, aka Red van adventures. A 1998 Chevrolet Astro AWD. I was looking for a mock-up/parts van and found this about 10 miles from my house. I was told that the motor locked up on the highway and was towed to where I picked it up. It started right up, I drove it home. Got it up to 60, trans shifted fine. I was going to gut, strip, and scrap it, but it drove too nice and was built too well.





I love the looks of this thing! It has a custom roof rack, ladder, LED lights all around the top, awing, 7 inch lift, 32x11.5R18, factor jeep wheels, Warn winch, rear overload air bags, air compressor, LED headlights, dual electric fans, custom cold air intake, headers, 3 inch exhaust, dual 90 amp hour batteries, drilled front rotors, and fully insulated. Found these pictures on facebook, red van adventures.


He really put some awesome work into this machine.





Plans are to replace the motor, just get it back on the road. The tow truck driver ripped the boots on the CV joints, you can see the grease everywhere in the pics. so I need to replace them. The middle window on the driver side needs to be replaced. Its dirty, inside and out. I will be removing the hitch and batteries and putting them into my 05 Safari. They are mounted to the hitch, so they come out. I like the headlights better on the Astro, but like the Safari grill better. I didn't know they were made to the grill. Could I cut the grill and swap the headlights between them? Once I get it back on the road plan on taking the kids camping at least twice before I let it go. I will post pictures of the build and keep you guys updated.

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Unfortunately the headlights and markers are completely different on the Safari basic and the Astro with the composite headlights. All the mounting points are different and the wiring is wrong as there are four headlights on the Astro with composites.

The Safari grill is a cool one. Would take a lot of work to 'downgrade' the Astro but it could be done. Just so much to change, like the front core support, wiring, etc.....

Did they do a manual shift 4WD conversion?

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