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On my 2001 Safari the "service engine" light came on. Autozone told me that the error code pointed to, low coolant, coolant sensor, or thermostat. I added coolant , replaced sensor and disconnected the batt. cable. Light is still on. Ran the van for a while, outside temp. 65 degrees.
Gauge at around 150 degrees. Upper radiator hose was warm to the touch, but not hot to the touch. I have to remove the shroud, air filter box and hose. Is there anything else I need to be aware off while I am replacing the thermostat?
Thanks for any information

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You shouldn't have to remove the fan shroud to be able to reach in there and change the thermostat. Well at least on my old dinosaurs you don't. :lol:

Any idea why it was low on coolant?
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