The last 2 years has seen great strides in the suspension of my 2002 Safari.
replaced the rear springs and now finally a week ago got the shocks done. In the course of this amusing 3-day endeavor (yes I did the bend-it-till-it-breaks method) I got the left front replaced, and then called it a day. Cleaned up. Slept. Got back on the job next day and... no box of right shock. Never found it. Gave up. Locally found and bought one exact match. job done. so OF COURSE, Working on another project here yesterday I had occasion to go into the bottom section of the deep tool box. SHOCK FOUND.
This is a brand-new single perfect imaculate factory-yellow fresh (hardware packet unopened) MONROE GAS-MATIC (#59305) average-duty front shock with black plastic sheath.
It wants a home.