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Timing cover replacement with pics (Did mechanic rip me off)

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Hello, new owner here of a 1997 AWD EXT Astro van with 120K miles. I was getting a slow and steady oil leak coming from the timing cover. Brought to mechanic to replace cover and seal, job cost around $1,400. Leak persisted after job was complete and they took it back in and said they replaced defective cover with another new cover. Leak re-appeared after a few months of light use. I got underneath the engine to verify where the leak was coming from and found this. It looks like when I brought it back the second time they just slathered the seal with some type of caulk. At this point I feel like I was ripped off and lied to. I Also found a black cable management hose with wires that have no connector just floating loosely un-terminated in the same area (visible in the photos). Bringing it back in next week and looking for some input in case this is normal or if anyone has any experience or advice with this issue. Any help much appreciated.

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I would say no, that is not normal, if done properly you should not need RTV slathered on the outside.
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