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Tin Can Rattle - 97 Safari 2WD

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Hello Gang!

I just bought my van over the weekend, so I haven't had a chance to investigate this noise myself yet. It sounds like a marble inside a sealed tin can being shaken back and forth rapidly. It's coming from somewhere in the rear, it's completely random and only does it in the first 15 minutes from a cold start. The PO told me it has done this from the time they bought it new and no one has ever been able to figure it out...Probably because it is so random, no tech wants to waste his time with it. The van doesn't have to be rolling, I heard it last night sitting still.

TIA and Merry Christmas!
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I have a tin can rattle from the front of my 97 rwd. I drove it 49,999 miles without being able to figure out where it was coming from. At some point I had my local trany shop do a service on it and they figured it out. The top vane on my grill had broken loose and rattled from around 25 mph to 45 mph. After that the wind held it up and it stopped rattling.

The reason I decided to respond to someone with a rear rattle was the way the tech figured that out. He determined the speed that it happened at and then found a hill and turned the van off as he rolled at that speed.

I was impressed.

Now make sure you don't lock your steering wheel, run out of road, etc.. I thought it was a pretty good way to narrow the issue down myself. And I had had 30 year car guys in the van that could not figure it out.
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