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TK421 Build; codename: StormTrooper

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Hey everyone, Wimpy here with a build of my new van; TK421!

Let me preface this by saying this up front... I need to raise money for an upcoming project that the boss says is outside the budget, so I am building this van to sell (although I might end up keeping it, it's gonna be pretty rad).
All projects will be outlined with build steps, PN/ supplier references w/ links when possible and of course shout-outs to any other user posts/ ideas. This is gonna be a BLAST! I L O V E this stuff!!!

I was up in Stockton CA on business and like I usually do, was surfing Craigslist when this van popped up...

2000 Safari AWD SLT
- Rear Heat & AC
- 3.73 gears
- G80 posi-traction rearend
- 130K miles
- Body near perfect, ZERO rust!
- Cool rear seats


The overall motto for this project is GO BIG OR GO HOME! Using some of the great builds and ideas from our fellow members here, the things I learned from this forum and by building the BatVan (aka Wimptech), here's the initial plan:

- 4-6" DIY Lift, Lumpy-Fab & TurnNBurn Tech based
- NP233 TransferCase Swap w/ push button control by Gavio
- Tires/ Wheels (Jeep Take-offs)
- Wimptech Jeep front bumper mod w/ winch & bush guard
- Wimptech rear Jeep bumper mod (pending)
- Wimptech android-based control panel
.... bluswitch wireless accessory controler
.... Torque real-time data aquisition
.... audio/ visual entertainment center w/ bluetooth audio
- Wimptech Safari Rack w/ front LED bar, Rear LED spot and alley lights (pending)
- ARB or similar roll-out awning
- Herbie-tech rear Jerry can holder
- Solar panel
- Interior build:
.... Kitchen/ cabinets by diycamperkits
.... Full insulation w/ hard wood floors by TurnNburn
.... Folding rear seat/ bed with storage
.... Passenger side swivel seat
.... Sliding center console, inspired by Lumpy-Fab and Borzoi
.... Modified 'Tesla' battery box by Cargocrawler
.... 2k pure sine power inverter
.... Mini fridge, sink, onboard water, etc.
.... FANtastic roof fan
.... Outdoor shower

Build Time= 6 months, which means 12 months in Wimpy-years.


Currently Known Issues:

- ABS and Brake light on; suspect ECBM solder issue
- AC system nonop
- Cyl #6 misfire code stored, not active
- Minor exhaust leak
- This thing is FILTHY! Need to detail inside and out!

As always, your advice and input is welcome and greatly appreciated!
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If you're gonna name it after a Stormtrooper shouldn't the van be totally nerdcore? Your ideas look fine, I just think it would be sick to go off on a Star Wars tangent. Maybe not if you're selling it...
Thanks, couldn't agree more Buddy. I don't wannt go tooooo far into my nerdom since I plan to sell it, but I did order 2 black imperial sprocket stickers for the sides... hehheh I'll update the mock up.

If I end up keeping her, I'm going FULL MONTY on the Stoormtroop theme!
I won't buy it from Chris if it's all Star War'ed out... just saying :p :rockon:
Yeah but you wouldn't buy a stick of bubble gum from me if it were half-off! LMAO
It's a Cali version of my van, except I don't have the posi, or the cool rear seats, and mine has a big dent down the side. Looks like a cool project.
Thanks RR, got any updates on Mongo?
Nice find! wish I had stock posi and 3.73s....
Hey thanks, I didn't see the G80 until I got the build sheet from the dealer...SCORE!

Would love to chat with you sometime about your DIY lift, can I PM you my number? Also, did you use Reflectix and some kind of spray glue on the interior, or something else?
That's fine with me. Anything I can do to help. Yeah I did reflectix over EVERYTHING(even the floor and sometimes 2 layers, like on the roof) and stuffed a bunch of "blow in" insulation where I can and like 10 cans of expanding foam in all of the spots that I couldn't get either of the other stuff in.

I picked this stuff because its all natural fiber so if you touched it you wont poof up like a balloon or get super itchy if it blows around for whatever reason. ... /100318635
Thanks again, both are now on the shopping list.
I got 2 of these, and still have about 8 feet left over. Its by far the best deal out there, believe me, I checked. I have used reflectix before, and this stuff is waaay better. I apologize for useing the TM name in my last post. This is the stuff I actually used. Infrastop holds up better and is more durable. I found myself having to tear some off the walls that had already been glued on for a week and it didn't rip at all. ... insulation

Had to replace the drivers exterior door handle, and let me tell you i'd rather listen to Andy Gibb sing Shadow Dancing overdubbed onto the "It's a Small World" song for the next 50 years than ever do THAT again!
:crying: :rolling: :screaming:
If not for a post on here suggesting to drill an access hole, I would have lost all sanity and devolved back to some kind of cro magnon state. Still needs a little adjustment, but feeling much better.... both the door and I.
During this little departure from sanity, I replaced both door lock actuators. On the driver side, it looks as if someone used a jack hammer to get the previous set of rivets out, and I made it even worse battling with the 'new' rivets. WOW what a mess. Well, everything is back together and the remote door locks have been restored. Next up is the passenger side window motor. I know there is a fix/ upgrade to the resistor band which is obviously the issue, however in the interest of doing the job right, I'm replacing the entire motor... just as soon as I figure out how! haha

Next is the ABS module, hoping it is the simple re-soldering fix since that is in my wheel-house. After that... multi-function switch, wipers start and just don't wanna stop... time for a new switch.
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That's the second time today I have read that the door handle was a PITA. What gives?! How can it possibly be that hard?
TurnNburn said:
That's the second time today I have read that the door handle was a PITA. What gives?! How can it possibly be that hard?
How can it possibly be that hard, title of my sex tape! EYYYOOO!

It is exactly that much a PITA for us amateurs, you would probably do better. I'm fairly certain GM installed the handles before ANYTHING else in that @#$%^&**&^%$#@@#&@$^ door! If you figure out an easy method, PLEASE post it!
Luckily I have not had the pleasure of getting elbow deep in that particular hole yet, YET!!
On a Blazer, not an Astro, but same motor and window parts.
Awwww, how nice, thanks LeeAnn! :)
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