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Well been doing some contemplating. I have an 03 Safari, AWD, SLT. I have added a hitch, Gibson exhaust, trans cooler, trans kit, and a brake controller. The van has about 60k on it.

I have been considering trading in the van on either a 02 Tahoe or 04 Trailblazer EXT with a 5.3.

I have a 18" Trail Lite hybrid camper that we like to use.

I am just concerned that I am possibly putting too much stress on the van and maybe it is time to upgrade. I have Hank who has given me a lot of great info on buying the HPTuners program kit and do my van up to get some better efficiency and performance and also to install a 170 or 180 degree thermostat ($500).

So what are your guys thoughts? Has anyone tried to trade in a van lately? I am sure that if I do decide to do this - that the biggest deal breaker anywhere would be the trade in value they would try to give me.

Any info would be appreciated. :feedback:

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your families!


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Hi cherokeexj
You never really get the full value of any vehicle when you trade it in,it depends on how much of a beating your prepared to take on it whether it's worth trading in or not. If you want a North American product, then I guess GM would be the lesser of the 3 evils. You might want to consider buying the "Extra Warranty" if you do. Just my opinion cherokeexj. :)

Maybe do a "Consumer Review" on each Model with Google Search.

Tahoe would be my choice over Trail Blazer if I "had" to choose one.

I'm sure others will chime in if they can to comment. :)
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