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Towing upgrades

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Here is what I have put together as a towing upgrade for my 94 astro.

4L60E transmission valve body separator plate 1993-94.
4L60E-HD2 Performance reprogramming kit™ 1993-03, .500 boost valve included.
700R4 4L60E Corvette, 2nd gear servo piston with o rings & sealing rings
700R4 4L60E transmission, Sonnax super hold 4th gear servo piston
4L60E Transmission, ATSG transmission manual 1992-on
Air Lift 59504 Ride Control Air Springs, Rear Kit, For Select GM Vans
Air Lift 25592 Load Controller II W/Lps
2X hayden 10,000lb transmission coolers.

I already have an old Kelsey-Hayes hydraulic actuated brake controller from my jeep. I have taken the hydraulic piston out of it and modified it so a cable operates it. I can attach the cable to the brake pedal and it will actuate the trailer brakes in proportion to the brake pedal being pushed. It is also adjustable so I can vary the trailer braking amount.

So other than the .500 boost valve that I think is a bit big I will be installing all this stuff as soon as it is delivered hopefully this weekend.

I have already towed a broke down escort wagon and a ford ranger with just the trans coolers installed and despite having to be slow because the brake controller isn't connected yet it pulls fine as it is. I just want to make sure it lasts a really long time and is reliable. My biggest normal load other than helping neighbors out randomly is to take a Camaro to the drag strip 75 miles away and occasionally hauling a Kubota BX-24 tractor around.

So does anyone see anything that I am missing? I would rather not take the trans out and rebuild it so anything that doesn't involve removing it would be ideal.
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I think you have it covered, as far as bolt-on is concerned.
Inside the trans, it is a good idea to install the upgraded reaction sun shell, and forward sprag,as they are a known weak point.
Also, consider a newer model digital brake controller(like a Voyager), as opposed to a cable or hydraulically operated unit. They are cheap.
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