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Hi i have a 92 astro AWD with 214,400 miles on it had it for 4 years no idea if original trans or any history on it... Heres my problem the tranny started shifting hard only in 1st about a year an a half ago so i went and had a trans flush done and then it was fine for awhile then it sat for almost a year and now it dosent want to shift into 2nd untill it is at high RPM and possibly even skipping 2nd gear and going into 3rd this happens pretty much with all gears not wanting to shift when its supposed to... I took it to a trans shop and the guy said he thought it was probably the cable going to the trans from the throtle body atleast the best place to start he said.. I pulled on the exposed cable at the throttle body and it seems to be fine... Heres the part that confusses me 2 nights ago my surpintine belt went and i had to drive home with no power stering brakes ext. but it was shifting fine... And now that i put a new surp on its back to the hard shifting and what not.. also the temp of the vehicle dosent really make a diff to much only with 1st into 2nd and going into O.D. it just gets slightly better when fully warmed up... Any suggestions or input anything at all would help Thanks in advance This is currently my daily driver and put a minimum of 700 miles a week
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