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Trip's Parts shopping spree results

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Hi guys!
Thanks to those who responded yesterday to my request(s) for info.

My day was P-H-E-N-O-M-I-N-A-L !!!!!!!! :dance:
I found that the GU5 rpo code was most common (3.23) Which my rig has.

After getting the info I needed I was not sure what I was going to come across. I settled on the hopes of getting a 3.73

I scoured the yard with a can of CRC freeze lock :thumbup: (amazing penetrant!) I sprayed all the bolts down and checked RPO code labels.
I found a 3.42 in a crappy rusted out housing. Way too much rust to be under MY non rusty rig. So I checked the gears and was amazed and impressed! maybe? the owners did good maitenance, drove light? lesson= dont judge a book by it's cover.
I also found 3 3.73's one posi and two open.
I found one with the spider missing? 3.08 laffed and scratched my head! :confused:

I decided to pull the entire rear end and steel leafs from the 3.73 open it was the cleanest (little rust). I then pulled the gears
for the posi and saved its axels. Might be worth some dough down the road?

I am so happy, I love my life! Yesterday I was worried about my rear end today I have a donor rear end, steel leafs and four sets of gears (original 3.23, 3.42, 3.73 posi, 3.73 open) and a spare set of axels. Now I can try them out and see which I would rather, or switch em out for the application I am using at the time?

Oh! did I fail to mention that I got four stock wagon wheels with nice treads! (I have the dishes), the trailer package wires and connector, AND the rear door windows that open. :drool:

The guys at the yard were pretty impressed! I told them they would be more impressed if they stayed open a couple of more
hours, I could "Recycle" the '92 safari that came in while I was there!- it was 6pm they close at 5 !!! they told me to come back tommorow and get what else I wanted!

So, I am stripping light duty stuff tommorow particularly interior pieces a new non-cracked dash with the round gauges (I have hockey sticks), mood lighting accessories (from a custom), a sun roof or two, wiper/cruise switch and maybe a fresh carpet? .....all for 50 bucks!!!!!!!!! and I battered a little time to school the counter guys/ gals on the ins and outs of the tranny biz- sales, types and stock.

Of course I am buying :D them/me 2 Party size pizzas :bouncy: :bouncy: for lunch. as a thank you.

Life is good! and its not even my birtday! :dunce: :banana:
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holy grail?
I dunno bout that, just the right time thanks to cash for klunkers.

Rare part to find? I don't think there are any rare parts because these vans are interchangeable-astro/safari.
As for rear ends its more common to find the mono leafsprings. Less common to find g80 govloc/posi rearend
and the 4.10 gears. More common to find the 3.23 gears.

I guess I'd have to say the rear door windows that open like the slider glass, have only seen one and I got them.

WHEELS! :doh: In salvage yards you have to be resourceful and that usually means the wheels are used as body stands. If the yard is frugal and notices the wheels are decent they take them off thus making them ready for sale right away
and usually gone before you get there unless you get there at the right time right place. Remember the offset of these wheels limit us in choices so anyone that ones one keeps an eye out for them.

It is less common to find whole interior(s) and very uncommon to find rear interior plastics for the shorty!

Not so common to find the rear heating unit I have only seen one wished I grabbed it now.

I have only seen one (a safari) with manual windows and electric lock(s) which I scored today wire harness and all as a solution to
the rear door lock issue. I think it will be a convience not to have to put the key in the lock after I get the alarm/starter and unlock put on.

Today I grabbed a set of window regulator(s)- manual. The electric lock actuaters(all three) and accompanying harnesses/switches.

Warning: Did not know if mine would have the harness behind the dash so I took the donor dash off to get the harness IT IS ON THE FIRE WALL UNDER THE DASH !!!!!! and the rear runs the full lenth of the van from dash to back.

I also scored the mirrors off of a 92 safari they are different and a welcome change to the typical astro mirrors easy swap out three bolts.

Grabbed the heater controls and vaccum tubes for the heater vent doors with a couple of the actuators. Grabbed the Safari grill, lense buckets and all the lights/lenses.

I grabbed the tbi and the computer for a spare.

Then I gave a mini seminar on transmissions.

Tommorow I am pulling a 1992 g10 van 700r4, In my opinion they are the best 700r4 trans built stock with the corvete servo,
high line pressure and best WOT (wide Open Throttle) with shifts at 5,000 rpms. Really no need for an aftermarket shift kit although there are some updates for towing. Remember these were built for the 5.7 litre 8 cyl full size van. So yes, they have more clutches and better/higher line pressure.

Maybe I'll be done !!! Seeing I now have the steel leafs matching rear end with the matching brackets, Factory class 3 tow hitch a couple of sets of gears, the trailer wireharness, A spare face lift for change from astro to safari, spare set of lenses yaddi yaddi it goes on.

After I pull the tranny then its time to rebuild it and the rear end and transplant it all! :layrubber:

I have been truly blessed with this opportunity to beable to have access to these parts and now have spare(s). feels really good.

Trip :banana:

Spare head light switch, hockey stick cluster basically everything from the dash removal.
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Astro 355
Shhhhhhhhhhh.......... they might hear you!
Ask for forgiveness now ugg blasphemy !
I got it the RARE-EST part to find in the junk yard is................

Runningboards the heavy equipment forks destroy them when moving them around the yard!
I thinkin I want to make my own in tublar steel.

Maybe tube in tube design.

I can slide un bolt the holder bolts and slide them into the van's profile or
unbolt and slide them out and use them as tie downs or change the look.

If you haven't noticed I am all about multi uses and switching up!

Ok guys its been said that a astro LT in the yard would be holy grail ish


I bought one today for 200 bucks, only thing is I cant get at it until it goes through the state police recs
because it has no title (they need to confirm its not stolen for the yard first)

But I dont get it it has an electronic dash monoleaf springs and a gu4 rpo whats the big deal???

Im on my way out but I hope to have replies when I get home.

Got a ladder and the matching luiggage trim for the roof just need the spare tire holder for the door and I am DONE!
oh yeah and get ryan his part steering linkage if I can figure what the linkage entails!

Till later
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