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Trip's Parts shopping spree results

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Hi guys!
Thanks to those who responded yesterday to my request(s) for info.

My day was P-H-E-N-O-M-I-N-A-L !!!!!!!! :dance:
I found that the GU5 rpo code was most common (3.23) Which my rig has.

After getting the info I needed I was not sure what I was going to come across. I settled on the hopes of getting a 3.73

I scoured the yard with a can of CRC freeze lock :thumbup: (amazing penetrant!) I sprayed all the bolts down and checked RPO code labels.
I found a 3.42 in a crappy rusted out housing. Way too much rust to be under MY non rusty rig. So I checked the gears and was amazed and impressed! maybe? the owners did good maitenance, drove light? lesson= dont judge a book by it's cover.
I also found 3 3.73's one posi and two open.
I found one with the spider missing? 3.08 laffed and scratched my head! :confused:

I decided to pull the entire rear end and steel leafs from the 3.73 open it was the cleanest (little rust). I then pulled the gears
for the posi and saved its axels. Might be worth some dough down the road?

I am so happy, I love my life! Yesterday I was worried about my rear end today I have a donor rear end, steel leafs and four sets of gears (original 3.23, 3.42, 3.73 posi, 3.73 open) and a spare set of axels. Now I can try them out and see which I would rather, or switch em out for the application I am using at the time?

Oh! did I fail to mention that I got four stock wagon wheels with nice treads! (I have the dishes), the trailer package wires and connector, AND the rear door windows that open. :drool:

The guys at the yard were pretty impressed! I told them they would be more impressed if they stayed open a couple of more
hours, I could "Recycle" the '92 safari that came in while I was there!- it was 6pm they close at 5 !!! they told me to come back tommorow and get what else I wanted!

So, I am stripping light duty stuff tommorow particularly interior pieces a new non-cracked dash with the round gauges (I have hockey sticks), mood lighting accessories (from a custom), a sun roof or two, wiper/cruise switch and maybe a fresh carpet? .....all for 50 bucks!!!!!!!!! and I battered a little time to school the counter guys/ gals on the ins and outs of the tranny biz- sales, types and stock.

Of course I am buying :D them/me 2 Party size pizzas :bouncy: :bouncy: for lunch. as a thank you.

Life is good! and its not even my birtday! :dunce: :banana:
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what yard did you go to? Sounds like you made out like a bandit. I need a few small items and it seems like you hit a jackpot of vans lol.
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