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Trying to find left and right roof drip molding and end caps

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Hello everyone. I have a 1990 GMC Safari LX minivan and I'm trying to replace all of the weather stripping. I really need the roof drip molding replaced but mainly the left side. The whole rubber is rippling causing a consistent leak behind the drivers seat. I'm looking to see if anyone knows where I can get those parts. There's some rust forming along the bottom from the rain leaking down through the pillars. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will show pictures of the van soon.
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Here's what I was talking about. This roof molding is causing the leak behind the driver seat. Although it could also be one of the supports of the tubular wiring harness for the light system.
Ohhhhhh, that is what you are talking about.

Ends/retainers GM 15614091
Roof molding GM 15984292
Roof molding GM 15984294

I would pull them anyway and see if you can locate your leak. Might be able to find some available somewhere, or the junk yard.
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