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Hey folks, you guys have helped me a ton with my build thus far, and I would love your input on the following two topics:

1. Steering Stabilizer: I want one, plain and simple. Had them on my jeep, truck etc. Love the feel of having one. I know this should be the LAST thing that is thought of, not until alignment and all components are inspected. Aware of that and I WILL address that, BUT..... I would like to know, who makes a kit, or is there a DIY way of installing a kit on a 1997 Safari AWD? (I actually have 1 or 2 stabilizers laying around, from my Jeep days, BUT I have no idea who I would go about installing one on a vehicle that has a crossmember rather than a Solid front axle)

Any tips? I heard rancho makes a kit with the mounting hardware? (googling yielded no kit or part number)

2. Adjusting Camber on AWD. This is the big one: How does one go about adjusting the Camber on a 97 Safari AWD? I keep finding how to do it on a RWD, and the only thing I found that seems hopeful is this link, but not sure if it is correct:


Could anyone maybe confirm if that is correct? Or is there a different method?

Again, Appreciate any help way in advance.

PS I am aware someone will come here and say "you don't need a stabilizer"... I know. I didn't NEED a lift either...but I wanted one.... ;) :LOL:


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Camber is simple.. and WAAAYY easier than the instructions make it sound.
You loosen the nut (one side), and turn each bolt (the other side). That's it!
The bolt has an offset "cam washer" that moves the control arm inward or outward.
There is an elongated slot the control-arm bolts go though.
You'll figure it out really fast!
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Here's my link that goes into more detail:

Steering stabilizers are GREAT! I used to run one on my 70's G10 van.
In my case, it was needed due to larger wider tire offsets, and worn steering components which led to serious oscillations (death wobble) over bumps. Steering stabilizer (or dampener) completely cured my problem.

There's certainly no harm in having one, even though most likely not necessary on most Astro AWD's. None the less, it's a huge steering dampening performance improvement. Most of them that I've experienced are somewhat "universal fit" (since the single units can be attached anywhere along the steering arm)... and anything close will probably fit.

Mine was something similar to this: (Silverado 1500 1999-2006)
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