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Hi guys lets all get together and swop places where you get your vans fixed or where you source parts also , where your all from

I own a black 93 chevy astro and it is sadly parked up in st.neots in cambridgeshire as head gasket blown , i am going to get it sorted soon as miss it like hell , but would like to meet up with other owners see what you have done to your vans or tips for pimping mine out , also in st.neots i have seen a white chevy owner i use to put my hand up to , there use to be other white astro parked up at eaton socon locks , but since moved ,i have also spotted a green astro parked up in huntingdon ,cambs as well as another green one driving through st.neots and a blue one going over godmanchester bridge , was this any of you guys ?

Or are any of you close and it maybe was you just out on a run , be nice to hook up with some other uk owners , please post your pics or if want to stay in touch post here please

Here is some pics of my chevy when i lived in N.Ireland don't ask about the reason it is under water lmao it's a long story

Paddle in a nice stream going into sea

Rinsing off feet after a paddle , if had driven off , would have been fine

No one looking after it

As my nephew says , i'me stuck , i'me stuck

Opps now i'me buggered

Yep deffo buggered , check out my fog light , right side under water lmao

Here comes the calvary and £30 out my pocket , grrr bloody life guard said was only £20 , never trust a irish man

Out at last - my dad kept joking it needed a wash , it got a hot wax and polish at garage lmao

As mastercard says , price £30 , memories priceless lmao
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