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Undertaking the ABS/Brake light issue and im wondering anyone could point me the right direction for supplies and location?

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So so so, im finally undertaking the famous ABS/Brake warning light issue on my little baby Astro.

i've watched the video, read the thread, googled it, and im wondering if anyone have a comprehensive list of what i need, and it's exact location?

i've seen conflicting screw sizes, and conflicting location details and i want to get this right on the first go.

id be so so so grateful if anyone could help me out. what exactly do i need to do a full and proper job, and where exactly is it and what procedure is best to remove without issues.

thank you thank you thank you for letting this forum exist. 🙏
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I have repaired two of these. I own two 2005 Astros. In both cases the only fault was the cracked solder joints on the printed circuit board that connects to the solenoid coils that actuate the valves in ABS system. I did not have to disconnect a single brake system hydraulic line. I did not have to remove the ABS valve assembly. All I had to do was reflow the solder. What that means is that you heat the solder joint with a clean soldering iron until it melts and then allow the solder to re-solidify. This reestablishes the bad connections. Sometimes adding a little rosin core solder will help, not necessarily because there is not enough solder there already, but rather because having your soldering iron tip wet with fresh molten solder helps with the heat transfer to the old solder you are melting.
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