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Undertaking the ABS/Brake light issue and im wondering anyone could point me the right direction for supplies and location?

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So so so, im finally undertaking the famous ABS/Brake warning light issue on my little baby Astro.

i've watched the video, read the thread, googled it, and im wondering if anyone have a comprehensive list of what i need, and it's exact location?

i've seen conflicting screw sizes, and conflicting location details and i want to get this right on the first go.

id be so so so grateful if anyone could help me out. what exactly do i need to do a full and proper job, and where exactly is it and what procedure is best to remove without issues.

thank you thank you thank you for letting this forum exist. 🙏
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Back in 2018, I spent an hour so under mine with a small die grinder trying to remove the heads from the heavily corroded fasteners. Too tedious and frustrating with a strong possibility of failure. Ended up removing the driver seat and cutting a small hole in the floor. Worked great and gave me easy access. I highly recommend replacing the fasters with stainless upon assembly.
Coincidentally, I'm actually in the process this Winter of cleaning up the ECBM hole I cut a few years back along with some other floor pan issues.
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