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used engine-problems

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OK so I bought a used 350 a while back and it's all back in my Astro, but when I try to turn the engine over to start it, it turns a few times, and then it makes a loud squeaking sound and acts like the battery is dead, but it isn't. I tried three times to get TDC and nothing has changed after each time. Could it be the torque convert not seated right? Any ideas, please feel free to post. I need to get this van on the road asap! Thanks , Mark
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I was turning it with a ratchet, it only got hard to turn when it got to TDC. I will try to take a video tomorrow. Battery is on charger just to be safe.
When turning it over with the starter I have no oil in my oil line to the gauge and no fuel coming out (TBI) But when I spun the oil pump with a drill I had oil in the line.-not sure if this makes a difference.
Its raining here so I can't do much till it stops, I will do what you posted and let you all know. Thanks, Mark
OK so I got the engine removed the heads and intake and oil pan, I then cleaned the piston tops with a wire brush and solvent. Cleaned the valley, the engine was turned over by hand many times during this. I replaced the oil pump and pick up and installed my oil pan to fit in the AWD frame. I sprayed all internal parts with WD 40 prior to re assembly. Reinstalled the heads with new gaskets after I replaced the valve guide seals. Then installed my intake. I did the oil pump and heads, just to be safe. So I am thinking the flywheel is somehow wrong. The torque converter is new. Maybe I should unbolt the torque converter and see if I can turn it easier?
Belt was not on, but thanks. I was just trying to start it to set timing so far. It kind of acts like the timing is way off but I did top dead center 3 times to make sure and same each time. I will get the exhaust unbolted and then the flywheel as soon as the sun comes back.
Suppose to rain here for a few days, so I can't do much, I will possibly work on the 233C I have in the barn to prep it till then. I will not be doing the swap till after this winter. I figure the 4472 that is in my van should be fine for the winter.
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I found a 350 with 80k miles all documented for 400 cash, and it's the same year as my Astro. The guy used the truck only in the winters (4x4) but the frame rusted out and broke. I am going to see it Friday.
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If I buy it I am only changing the oil pan and pick up tube and dropping it in for winter. I will rebuild the 94 350 I have in it later.
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OK so it was a sunny day, and first I removed the spark plugs and I turn the engine over by hand and there was a rough spot, so I then removed the flywheel to toque converter bolts and turned it by hand again and no more rough spot? I really have no clue what this could mean.
OK so tomorrow I will spin it and bolt it back up and see if it makes a difference on both noise and hard to turn. And repost, Thanks
I checked all of what everyone said and did not find a problem, so I think it may be rusted in the bearings of the engine, I sold the big ford got 1500 for it 3 years after I paid 1200 for it. It had a severe coolant leak from the intake manifold. Anyway I went to check out an 89 350 yesterday with less than 80k miles I heard it run checked all the fluids and since its not only the same year as mine it also has all the components on it, I bought it and will pick it up On Tuesday. I pulled my engine today. I will swap the oil pan, replace a few gaskets and put it in my van. The engine I took out, I will slowly buy parts to build it the way I want it for the future. Thanks for all the help guys. Mark
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SO The engine is a 1989 350 TBI with 4 bolt mains. I am going to strip it down to the short block replace the valve guide seals install them then add my Edelbrock TBI intake manifold, my custom oil pan to fit the frame, motor mounts' oil pump replacement stock just because it's cheap. Then the rear main seal since I have it apart. I figure it's cheap insurance. Then its going back together. I may as well replace the timing chain since I have a new one here. This way I can take a few years to rebuild the 94 350 I previously bought -possible stroker???
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Well, the seller said it puffed white smoke when he started it sometimes, I have never done valve seals with the heads installed.
I agree Will, I will think about that Bob, I really do not want to pull the heads off
For peace of mind; a leakdown test is pretty easy to do on a non-running engine, but.
I think you stated earlier that you heard this one run. If so, then there probably is not much to be concerned about internally. The only thing that might show up could be an oil consumption issue. You stated this was going to be a temporary motor in your van, so again, probably not a significant issue.
"temporary" a fix that is implemented until a more permanent solution is found...or until it breaks permanently and irrepairably!
Rod J
Issaquah, WA
Yes, it is going to be for about a year -maybe 2 with the way the economy is going. I won't beat on it. too damn expensive to repair.
The old engine had coolant in the oil pan just from turning it over, so I decided to buy a running engine to drop in till I can rebuild the one I took out, I will drop the block off to the machine shop to see if it's cracked before I spend any more time or money on it. Thanks to everyone for the reply's, Mark
I got the engine, took the exhaust manifolds, oil pan, timing cover, intake oil pump timing chain and gear all off, cleaned it up a bit and painted the outside. Put a new oil pump, oil pan, intake, timing set on it today. I found out it is not 4 bolt mains but it is a roller engine which means it's all set up for a roller cam. So I will sell or junk the other 350 as is and slowly buy parts to rebuild this one in the future. I really do not need a 4 bolt block either way, so no big deal on that. I should be able to drop it in my van soon, depending on the weather.
Well I got my engine all back in, but the timing must be off by a tooth. But I should be getting oil pressure, and I am not, so of course I have no fuel coming out either. I am starting to think the new oil pump may be bad? I will try again tomorrow.
No, but I just found out the 4.3 in the s-10 requires 6 quarts and the oil pan I have is made by adding a 6-inch section in the middle of the 4.3 pan, so maybe I don't have enough oil in it? I bought it custom-made, but the seller never said how much oil it requires. I will prime it tomorrow.
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