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V8 other than 3 5 0

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I was wondering if anyone has a V-8 other than a 350. I know 350's fit nice but has anyone ever heard or seen a 400. I imagine you would have to modify it b/c it is bigger than a 350 right? I dont know I seen a complete 400 for 350 and it is too good to pass up without seeing the options.
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Mr_Bowtie said:
Heck just a stock 350 would be a decent enough jump to surprise a few people on the streets. :cool:
Oh, wow. I love this thread! *cough* 350 with a turbo *cough*
A single turbo will fit under the hood. It would be fed by the passenger side bank only. With the a/c delete box, there's plenty of room.

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webcat said:
Would'nt a 383 stroker be a much better way to go ? Even though you could get the turbo to fit it would just clutter your engine compartment.
383 stroker vs 350 turbo, hmmm? :think: I think I'll take the turbo. Not only would it make a lot more power but it would also be easier on the fuel mileage.
90lownslow said:
what if you combine them both. 383 stroked and turbo charged. that would be one badasstro :layrubber:
383 doesn't work well with forced induction. The higher compression and longer stroke don't hold up so well with increases in the dynamic compression ratio. But if you wanted to turbo something other than a 350, get a 400 block and "destroke" it make it a 377. 377s can spin up to 10,000 rpm if built right. :layrubber:
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